Stand-alone and Cloud Based

XSiV Technologies offers two types of access control systems; stand-alone and cloud based.  

A stand-alone system consists of XSiV Technologies providing and installing a server with access control software at one of your physical locations along with all the intelligent controllers and door devices to complete the access control systems.  We can also install and configure the access control software on one of your machines that is managed by your I.T. department.  Stand-alone systems tend have a little more upfront costs because of the hardware needed to run the access control system, while also having other costs for updating the software on the machine and server maintenance. 

With a cloud based access control system there is no physical server machine needed.  The software is hosted by the manufacturer and managed by XSiV Technologies.  Intelligent controllers and door devices are installed at your site and the intelligent controllers connect to the server through your internet connection.   Whether your business is small, medium or large, you no longer need to deal with the administrative or implementation costs that come with stand-alone access control systems.  XSiV Technologies can lower the overall cost of ownership by changing the upfront capital costs to monthly managed system cost.